Dear Penny Arcade: WTF?

[Trigger warning for discussion of sexual assault in games and comedy and sexual slavery] Wednesday’s Penny Arcade told this joke where a hero insisted on leaving a rape victim in his own personal hell. Why? Because there was no reward! Har har! Ho ho! See what they did there? They made someone continue to suffer […]

You wouldn’t like me when I’m linkspam (24 Sept 2013)

Outgrowing the Penny Arcade generation | Polygon: Tycho, Gabe and the story of a generation of men difference, games and class: The hidden costs of being in even the indie games industry are non-trivial, particularly for those already struggling. A talk from No Show Conference. 6 Sexist Video Game Problems Even Bigger Than the Breasts: […]

Come up and linkspam me some time (17 Sep 2013)

There’s No Excuse for Misogyny in Space: “if you are creating original characters in 2013 for an original film set in the future you have absolutely no excuse for misogyny.” Particularly refers to Riddick. Mapping the Seafloor: In the Footsteps of Marie Tharp: The story of a pioneer in marine exploration. Finding Out You’re a Sexist, Misogynistic, […]

Last exit to linkspam (12 July 2013)

Fans Take Videogame Damsels Out of Distress, Put Them in Charge | The Wall Street Journal: Players Rewrite Story Lines to Highlight Heroines; Princess Peach Saves Mario Tumblr rejects Disney’s billionth white princess | The Daily Dot: “This Could Have Been Frozen is a Tumblr dedicated to the idea of an alternate Frozen where some of the lead characters […]

Wikipedia and non-mainstream views

I was cynical about Wikipedia’s openness to minority views in the comments of a previous post, I’m a woman, and I’ve edited Wikipedia. Based on past experience as a former, obsessive Wikipedia editor several years ago, I felt that Wikipedia’s notability guidelines amplified mainstream views while suppressing non-mainstream views. This works for dealing with quackery, […]

Some reasons I’m looking forwards to PAX East

A few Penny Arcade fans with little grasp of basic human decency and even less grasp of basic grammar and spelling have really been making for an unpleasant week. The last linkspam has related links if you’re curious. It’s not pretty. BUT… I actually have tickets for PAX East. I decided to go long before […]

Linkspam outside alone after dark (5th February, 2010)

Donna Benjamin is trying to raise money to get The National Library of Australia to digitise The Dawn, Louisa Lawson’s Australian journal for women from the nineteenth century. Joseph Reagle has posted the introduction to a draft of his article “‘Free as in Sexist?’: Sexism in the Free Culture Movement”.  “…while ‘free’ may denote freedom, […]

Everyone gets a linkspam! (27th January, 2011)

Programming suggestions for WisCon, the feminist scifi convention, close tomorrow, Friday, 28 January. Anyone can submit an idea; just create a login. A recent IBM infomercial highlights the role of Patricia McHugh, designer of the motherboard in the original IBM PC. She calls herself “the mother of the motherboard.” Another short film celebrating IBM’s 100th […]