Geek Feminism has a number of feature columns, ranging from regular to haphazard:

  • Ask a Geek Feminist: Geek Feminism posters and commenters answer questions from our readers.
  • Cookie of the Week*: a series highlighting challenges to geek sexism and other geek feminism in action
  • Geek Feminism Scholarships: giving each other books and other resources to help in our mission.
  • GF classifieds: posts allowing commenters seeking women or geek feminists to promote their job vacancies, volunteer projects, and so on.
  • Linkspam: a regular roundup of geek feminist and related writing around the ‘net that we think readers would enjoy
  • Open Threads: comment threads open for general discussion and thoughts from our commenters.
  • Wednesday Geek Woman: once a week, guest posters, and the occasional regular poster, introduce geek women they admire.