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Angry noms

I just spotted a picture of angry bird cupcakes drift past in my Google+ stream. Unfortunately when I clicked on it, it reported the site was over quota. Oh well.

So I hopped over to flickr and found you some.

8 cupcakes in an assortment of coloured silicone cups with white icing and green or blue sprinkles. Each cupcake has a fondant ball shaped like an angry bird or green pig atop it. There is one pig with bruises and the mustached pig. They are surrounded by the single big blue angry bird, a bundle of 3 little blue angry birds, the white bomber bird, the black bomb bird, the yellow torpedo bird and the red bird.

If you feel like geeking out in the kitchen, there’s even an award winning tutorial. There’s also a few other gamer entries on the instructables competition results page.

Open thread: om nom nom… circuitry

It’s time for another Geek Feminist party! This party is in honour of our new blogger Courtney, who also writes for From Austin to A&M. You might also remember Courtney from Amanda Hess’s interview at The Sexist. She guest-posted here in September.

Courtney, I hope you enjoy this edible circuit, at least to look at!

555 LED flasher 1: edible model of an electrical circuit

"555 LED flasher 1" by Windell Oskay, CC BY

Got any geek foodstuffs to share with Courtney?

This is also an open thread for discussion of older threads, threads you’d like to see, links you’d like to share, or other topics of your choice.

Write linkspam on it (26th September, 2009)

Update (by Mary, 28 Sep): misskinx told us in comments that the workshop on dating violence is not a Carleton University event, it’s organised by the Ottawa Coalition to End Violence Against Women (OCTEVAW) and the Sexual Assault Network (SAN).