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When being professional means dressing in men’s clothes

This is an Ask a Geek Feminist question for our commenters:

I work in a research lab with about 15 employees. There are two women, and administrative assistant and me (an engineer) we are getting ready for a big design review and someone suggested we get shirts that we can all wear to match for the big presentation. The problem is that there is a local style of shirt that men wear but women do not typically, the woman equivalent of the shirt is usually sleeveless and sometimes skimpy and not work appropriate. I asked that we not do the local shirt because it wouldn’t really work for me and instead do polo shirts. When I made the request one of my co-workers suggest another local dress that is associated with old women and everyone laughed. I have just found out that the decision was made and we are buying the local shirt and I am supposed to just get a men’s small (they don’t make them in women’s sizes). If I don’t wear the shirt I won’t look like part of the team but I feel like my lab had the chance to try to be inclusive but chose not to. The other woman isn’t happy about it either but she doesn’t have to do a professional presentation. What do I do? I could dress professionally in my own clothes but then what do I say when a customer asks why I don’t match? Do I just put on the men’s shirt?

I want an Elena Kagan t-shirt

(Cross-posted from my personal blog.)

It should be no surprise that I am thrilled – nay, bubbling over with effervescent happiness – that Elena Kagan was confirmed today to the U.S. Supreme Court. As of her swearing in on Saturday, the U.S. Supreme Court will, for the first time, consist of 33% women (well, technically, 33.3%).

As a rule, I wear very few shirts with words or logos on them, but I gleefully make an exception for Elena Kagan and/or the womaniest Supreme Court in history. What’s your suggestion for a t-shirt, hoody, bag, or other declaration of support for Elena Kagan and our shiny new Supreme Court? “Elena Kagan Rules” in stark white caps on a black babydoll is a good start. And can I get one in time for the Linux Storage and File Systems workshop on Sunday?

Open Thread: Celebrating great geeky shirts for women

Many geeky women are pretty excited about the two “heroine” T’s that Thinkgeek is offering: Ada Lovelace and Marie Curie are currently featured. I’m a big fan of these because I love seeing more pretty, wear-anywhere designs on geeky shirts. The Open Solaris shirt I got at Grace Hopper is similarly pretty and as a result is among my most-used pieces of conference swag!

Someone pointed out to me that regular mortals can now buy the excellent Yahoo Code like a girl t-shirts. Can’t argue with text when it’s that much fun! Or what about ZaReason’s adorable “Friends Help Friends Use Linux” shirt? Perfect wear while you’re voting in the Ubuntu Women World Play Day Photo competition.

We often complain about the lack of options in geeky women’s shirts, and I know that’s a problem but it’s one we’ve discussed relatively recently, so let’s try to think positively: what shirts have you seen that are awesome and you’d like to own? Links to pictures encouraged!

Coveting other geeky gear? Just have another comment to share? This is an open thread, so anything goes!