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Open thread: geek clothes, current and rejected

Last year, Brianna Laugher did a visual review of her geek shirts, those currently in active use and those consigned to the crinkle-heap.

Here are her current faves, there are notes on the Flickr page:

Geek t-shirts I still know & love
Image description: nine tshirts folded flat and arranged in a square. (Image by Brianna Laugher, CC BY-SA).

Of these, she writes:

Only 3 (maybe 4) of these are men’s cut. In a giant not-coincidence, they are also the shirts I wear while exercising or bumming around the house, as opposed to when I go out.

Women geeks, including fat women geeks, like nice t-shirts too!

See also the retired shirts, of which fewer have good cuts for her.

Question: which geeky events, groups or organisations have produced clothing you are still wearing, if any?

This post is also an open thread for discussion of any topic of interest, including older posts.

Linkspams don’t have what it takes (15th August, 2010)

  • Alice Adams writes about What women want and how not to give it to them, which includes a list of things companies do that cause their attempts at hiring more women to be ineffective.
  • Chantaal wrote to xbox live to downgrade her own account. The xbox customer service response assumes she’s asking on her nonexistent son’s behalf. Others say they’ve had similar issues.
  • SMBC tackles the ‘why so few women in math’ issue.
  • Rocket nerd Cicutae writes:

    “Do you have any questions Sir?” The response was almost always the same – a glance at me, a cursory “Yeah.”, and then they would turn to one of my male colleagues and direct the question to one of them.

    I don’t blame my co-workers. They clearly know far more about the rocket than I do. I mean, they have penises. All I have is the fact that I was the one who designed the damn rocket. *sigh*

  • HP’s CEO has stepped aside after he was found to have “breached its Standards of Business Conduct” in circumstances surrounding events that led to him being cleared of involvement in “the sexual harassment of a contractor”.
  • A professor at University of Colorado’s Business School says that:

    Attractive women were discriminated against when applying for jobs considered “masculine” and for which appearance was not seen as important to the job. Such positions included titles like manager of research and development, director of finance, mechanical engineer and construction supervisor.

  • Sometimes, you get what you’ve asked for when ordering “girls” shirts.

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Thanks to everyone who suggested links in comments and on delicious.

Open Thread: Celebrating great geeky shirts for women

Many geeky women are pretty excited about the two “heroine” T’s that Thinkgeek is offering: Ada Lovelace and Marie Curie are currently featured. I’m a big fan of these because I love seeing more pretty, wear-anywhere designs on geeky shirts. The Open Solaris shirt I got at Grace Hopper is similarly pretty and as a result is among my most-used pieces of conference swag!

Someone pointed out to me that regular mortals can now buy the excellent Yahoo Code like a girl t-shirts. Can’t argue with text when it’s that much fun! Or what about ZaReason’s adorable “Friends Help Friends Use Linux” shirt? Perfect wear while you’re voting in the Ubuntu Women World Play Day Photo competition.

We often complain about the lack of options in geeky women’s shirts, and I know that’s a problem but it’s one we’ve discussed relatively recently, so let’s try to think positively: what shirts have you seen that are awesome and you’d like to own? Links to pictures encouraged!

Coveting other geeky gear? Just have another comment to share? This is an open thread, so anything goes!