The Geek Feminism blog exists to support, encourage, and discuss issues facing women and nonbinary people in geek communities, including science and technology, gaming, SF fandom, and more. (Yes, we take a broad view of geekdom.)

Things that are on-topic for this blog:

  1. geeky discussion about feminism
  2. feminist discussion about geekdom
  3. geek feminist discussion about other things

To contact us

Leave a comment on the most recent open thread, using an email address where we can contact you. Your email address will not be publicly visible, but the GF bloggers will be able to see it.

If there is no open thread available, you can also post to the latest linkspam.

Comment policy

The Geek Feminism blog is a feminist space. We welcome discussion that encourages and supports women and nonbinary people in geek communities.

The basic rules

  1. To quote Hoyden About Town: Be at least one of: feminist, friendly, amusing, or perspicacious. Two is even better!
  2. Anonymous comments are not permitted. Pseudonymous ones are fine.
  3. The moderators’ decision is final.

For more information, see our comment policy, which is linked from the top of every page.

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