GF classifieds (January, February, and March 2016)

This is another round of Geek feminism classifieds. If you’re looking to hire women, find some people to participate in your study, find female speakers, or just want some like-minded folk to join your open source project, this is the thread for you!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Geeky subjects only. We take a wide view of geekdom, but if your thing isn’t related to an obviously geeky topic, you’ll probably want to give a bit of background on why the readers of Geek Feminism would be interested.
  2. Explain what your project/event/thing is, or link to a webpage that provides clear, informative information about it. Ideally you’ll also explain why geek women might find it particularly awesome.
  3. Explain what you’re looking for. Even if it’s not a job ad, think of it like one: what is the activity/role in question, and what would it involve? What is the profile of people you’re looking for?
  4. GF has international readership, so please be sure to indicate the location if you’re advertising a job position, conference, or other thing where the location matters. Remember that city acronyms aren’t always known world-wide and lots of cities share names, so be as clear as possible! (That is, don’t say “SF[O]” or “NYC” or “Melb”, say “San Francisco, USA”, “New York City, USA” or “Melbourne, Australia”.) And if you can provide travel/relocation assistance, we’d love to know about it.
  5. Keep it legal. Most jurisdictions do not allow you to (eg.) advertise jobs for only people of a given gender. So don’t do that. If you are advertising for something that falls into this category, think of this as an opportunity to boost the signal to women who might be interested.
  6. If you’re asking for participants in a study, please note Mary’s helpful guide to soliciting research participation on the ‘net, especially the “bare minimum” section.
  7. Provide a way for people to contact you, such as your email address or a link to apply in the case of job advertisements. (The email addresses entered in the comment form here are not public, so readers won’t see them.)
  8. Keep an eye on comments here, in case people ask for clarification or more details. (You can subscribe to comments via email or RSS.)

If you’d like some more background/tips on how to reach out to women for your project/event/whatever, take a look at Recruiting women on the Geek Feminism Wiki.)

Good luck!

3 thoughts on “GF classifieds (January, February, and March 2016)

  1. Anne Cahalan

    Hey there, couple opportunities in Detroit, MI.

    1) Operations Intern: a combination of accounting, financial reporting/planning, metrics tracking, human resources, as well as handling day-to-day requests that come in from all areas of the company, internal and external. Job tasks run the range of administrative help to influencing company strategy. Operations has access to all of our most sensitive information, and the successful candidate must develop and maintain the confidentiality and trust necessary to perform these tasks. This is a full-time, paid internship that has the possibility of advancement out of internship after 3 months.

    2) Service Developer: The core of the developer’s role is to write reliable, maintainable software that meets a high standard of excellence. Developers work together in teams to review and learn from each other’s code, estimate features, and get the job done. A good developer candidate should be willing to learn new things, share what they learn, and enjoy helping others. They should be creative and flexible. Experience with Agile methodologies is a plus. We primarily ship Android and iOS applications, and our services are primarily used to create and present data and logic in an effective, and fast manner to these applications.

    We are a <100 person mobile development shop located in downtown Detroit. We offer competitive salaries and benefits, and are very interested in hearing from candidates from underrepresented populations in the tech industry. If you'd like more info, please feel free to email me:

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