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8 thoughts on “Contact us

  1. S

    Thank you for posting what happened to me on the wiki timeline. I hope making it public helps someone one day.

  2. Lylaclayre

    Hey there Geek Feminism!
    I’m an artist and illustrator based in New Orleans, and my latest project is part of a series of work responding to street harassment. Ever get told to smile by someone who doesn’t know you when you’re simply walking down the street? Infuriated but unsure how to respond? Here’s the solution! Check it out at and if you like, please share with all your geek feminism followers so we can take back the streets!!
    Thanks and keep smashing the patriarchy!
    Lyla Clayre

  3. Steven Bedrick


    I am a faculty member of a computer science and electrical engineering graduate program at Oregon Health & Science University, and am a long-time reader of GF. I was recently contacted by somebody from an organization called TenXList, which purports to be a professional network for women in engineering. They are asking me to recommend a “top woman computer science student” from my program for membership in TenXList. Given that our program is just about evenly split in terms of gender, there are certainly several excellent students that I could recommend- but I’ve never heard of this organization before, and was wondering if anybody at GF had had any interactions or experience with them. Something about the pitch felt a bit off to me, but maybe I’m being paranoid?

    I did some Googling, and didn’t find much- no media coverage, hardly any tweets, etc. Looking over their website wasn’t very informative, either. Reading between the lines of their FAQ, it looks like– in addition to whatever professional networking, mentoring, etc. that they do– the organization’s primary purpose is to funnel job candidates to tech companies looking to increase their diversity numbers, and (presumably) collect a finder’s fee in doing so.

    So, what do you think- is it a scam? Is it something y’all have heard about? If so, is it something that you think my students might find useful?

    Any pointers you might be able to send my way would be most welcome. Thanks!

    -Steven Bedrick

  4. Nikki

    Hi Geek Feminists. I wrote this guest post for you a while back, when I was learning to do web dev and not sure if I’d ever be able to make it into a paid job thing, at 2014/05/14/drupal-for-women-who-just-googled-it/

    Now it’s been almost two years since I got a job offer for doing geeky stuff full time, and I felt sentimental and wanted to refer back to it in a followup post. I wondered if you could edit it to remove my surname, though, so that it’d be at least kinda inconvenient to figure out my current employer based on that info. (It don’t need to be impossible, but I haven’t figured out how much I want to combine ‘my moderately feminist ramblings’ with A Public Persona As A Woman In Tech, so I’d rather hedge my bests til then!)

    Thank you (and thanks for continued linkspammy goodness, too)

  5. Aaron F.

    I noticed an odd link in an old post, and I wanted to point it out in case it’s a symptom of a security glitch, though I expect I’m only jumping at shadows.

    In the post “Quick Hit: Toward a !!Con Aesthetic” ( 2016/09/22/toward-a-bangbangcon-aesthetic-recompiler/ ), there’s a sentence that looks out of place to me:

    “Some hospitals find it very interesting to teach its staff about this due to all the complains they have been getting from [line-break][link-text: medical negligence solicitors manchester] lately.”

    The sentence isn’t there in the latest Internet Archive snapshot (May 11, 2017).

    Thanks for keeping this great blog going!


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