Coder Girl

Dale Chase sings a beautiful geeky ballad to his Coder Girl. Wow, it’s my new favorite song!

Did she just tell him to sudo make her a sandwich?! I think so!

I’ll put it like this, so you can understand
She makes me wanna update to be a better man
When we compile she’s easy to interpret
A cross-platform version I can work with
She’s not wrapped in flash
all she wants is her java and a shell to bash

What’s your favorite nerdcore music? And what songs or artists could you really do without…?

7 thoughts on “Coder Girl

  1. Shaula

    One of my favourite hackish songs is White Collar Holler, written by Nigel Russel, and performed by Stan Rogers on “Between the Breaks…Live!” (At the link you can hear a sample of the song; I couldn’t find any full-length audio or video versions by Rogers online.)

  2. Mary

    I like The Klein Four group, or at least “Finite Simple Group (of Order Two)”. I’ve always hated Perl poetry and computer programming analogies to ‘real life’, but apparently I’m a sucker for maths ones.

  3. Skud

    I LOLed at Straight out of Compline but that’s very different nerdery.

    Did you see the Nerdcore movie last year? I saw it at the Roxie. The gender stuff in it was… interesting. Oh and also I was sitting with @vrika and some white nerd guy in the film was talking about how nerds are the last oppressed minority and we kinda wanted to throw things at the screen!

    1. Liz Henry

      Yeah I have some strong feelings that while he is very clever and funny MC Frontalot does not hold up well under feminist analysis! I could go into that in a later post.

      Meanwhile, how about alpinekat’s Large Hadron Collider Rap!

  4. Nathaniel Smith

    I am hugely fond of “God wrote in Lisp (The Eternal Flame)“, partly because (unlike some nerdy musical bits that shall remain unnamed) it doesn’t come across to me as just aiming for a novelty laugh.

    Gotta check out some of these recs above, though.

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