Quick Hit: Women Win Nebulas!

It is so splendid when excellent people are recognized for their excellence! It’s delightful that Octavia Butler won a posthumous Solstice Award and that Connie Willis was given the Damon Knight Grand Master Award. And! I am personally over the moon that Jo Walton’s Among Others won the 2011 Nebula.

I loved this book so very much and if I haven’t already forced it into your hands, you are to imagine me doing it now: this is a geek feminist coming-of-age novel, and it is full of wonders.

1 thought on “Quick Hit: Women Win Nebulas!

  1. Rose Fox

    Slight clarification: Jo Walton won the Nebula novel award. Other ladies who took home awards tonight include Delia Sherman (the Andre Norton award for The Freedom Maze) and Kij Johnson (the Nebula award for best novella).

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